Office Romances

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Some long-ago sage wisely coined the phrase “don’t get your honey where you get your money”. The best approach to office romance is probably to avoid it altogether. Most workplace love affairs leave a trail of resentments, hurt feelings, and shattered working relationships in their wake. But if you believe that you have found the one true love of your life in the neighboring cubicle, that advice isn’t likely to keep you apart. So here are some suggestions for managing the situation and minimizing potential damage to your career.

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Most people spend at least 40% of their waking hours at work, so it’s no wonder that many romantic relationships begin at the office. Not only do coworkers spend a great deal of time together, but they also share goals, frustrations, disappointments, and many other experiences. Every workplace is a little world unto itself, so the inhabitants naturally develop close associations. If you’re looking for love, work can be a great place to search. But there are some romantic entanglements you would be wise to avoid.

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