New Managers

Leadership is like athletic achievement. Natural ability helps, but coaching is needed for peak performance. Whether you are a new supervisor or experienced manager, our free coaching tips can strengthen your leadership skills.


No one is born knowing how to be a manager. And whatever your previous job, it did not prepare you for management work. So if you’ve just become a supervisor, you must quickly start learning some new skills. The most important of these is performance management.

Delivering results through other people is the greatest challenge for most new supervisors. Before, you only had to worry about your own results – but now you must motivate others to do their best work. The guidelines below can help you succeed at this complex task.

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1. Don’t let the position go to your head.
You have not just become Grand Dictator of the Universe, so don’t begin ordering people around and watching their every move. Did you find that helpful when you were “just an employee”?

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