Getting A New Boss

If you could pick your boss, you might make a different choice. But you don’t get much say in the matter. A bad boss relationship can wreck your career and make your life miserable. Use our free coaching tips to sharpen your “boss management” skills.


Here are eleven tips that will help you survive your new manager.

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Even if you are a cooperative and friendly person, there are probably certain people that you simply do not like to work with because you always wind up feeling frustrated, aggravated, or disappointed. Frequently, frustration with co-workers is the result of work style incompatibilities.

People have many differences in the way that they approach tasks and projects – and certain pairings seem to lead to predictable problems. The table below lists some of the most common work style opposites. See if any of your own difficult relationships reflect one or more of these differences.

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Here are ten helpful things to say to your boss.

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