Meetings And Presentations

The most effective people are lifelong learners. They grow their careers by leveraging their strengths, compensating for their weaknesses, taking on new challenges, and “playing well with others”. For do-it-yourself career coaching, check out our free success tips.


Great speakers have three things in common: (1) something useful to say, (2) a well-planned presentation, and (3) the ability to keep people’s attention. You’ll have to figure out the first one for yourself, but the suggestions below can help you become more organized and interesting.

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Because so many meetings are disasters (or at best a waste of time), managers who can “do a good meeting” are both appreciated and respected. To become a Meeting Master, you must do four things well:

  1. Get Organized
  2. Use Time Wisely
  3. Move from Discussion to Action
  4. Lead Different Meetings Differently

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This quiz provides a general idea of how you prefer to lead meetings. Two different styles are described at the end of the quiz.

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