Networking Strategies

Looking for a job is a job in itself. A successful job search requires skills that you seldom use in other situations. Our free coaching tips can help you master the steps in the job search process.


Most people know that networking is the key to job search success. But most people also hate doing it. Here are some of the common complaints and suggestions for overcoming them:

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Networking involves the exchanging of information or services with others. “Career networking” is the cultivation of relationships for employment purposes and has become an integral part of the job search process. Experts state that 60% or more of all jobs are filled through networking. It is also not uncommon for a job to be filled through networking before a vacancy is even advertised.

So if you are in the job search market, it is imperative that you brush up on your networking skills. In fact, even if you are presently employed, you should have an effective network in place. You never know when you might need to tap into it.

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Everyone needs allies – that is, people who will give you information, advice, assistance, and support. The more allies you have, the more you can accomplish. Allies can be grouped into three categories: Friends, Partners, and Connections.

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