How To Complain

If you could pick your boss, you might make a different choice. But you don’t get much say in the matter. A bad boss relationship can wreck your career and make your life miserable. Use our free coaching tips to sharpen your “boss management” skills.


When problems arise at work, people often want to head straight for the boss’s office to get them straightened out. Coworker squabbles, project mishaps, unfair policies, stupid decisions by upper management, colleagues’ annoying personality traits – managers are asked to deal with all of these issues.

But before taking a complaint to your boss, you need to determine exactly what you want and figure out the best way ask for it. Otherwise, your manager may decide that you’re a whiner. So here are some suggestions to consider before taking an issue to your boss.

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When you have a problem with your manager, it’s hard to know what to do. For serious issues, like sexual harassment, action definitely needs to be taken. But for more trivial matters, the best choice might be to just let it go. If you are deciding whether to make a complaint about your boss, here are some guidelines to consider:

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Coworkers can be very annoying! At Your Office Coach, we hear from lots of people who want their colleagues to stop doing something – talking, whistling, coming in late, eating at their desk, wearing tacky clothes, and on and on. These complainers are usually looking for an easy, painless way to deal with the situation. That may be impossible, but here are some helpful suggestions.

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