Getting a Raise

If you could pick your boss, you might make a different choice. But you don’t get much say in the matter. A bad boss relationship can wreck your career and make your life miserable. Use our free coaching tips to sharpen your “boss management” skills.


Almost everyone thinks they’re worth more money, but many people are reluctant to ask for it. Asking doesn’t guarantee that you will get a raise, of course, but not asking may insure that you don’t. These conversations can often be uncomfortable and unproductive, so it pays to prepare. Here are a few helpful suggestions.

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Many employees think of the performance review as a time to passively receive their boss’s opinion of their worth. If that’s your view, you may be missing a valuable opportunity. Instead, look at the performance appraisal as a chance for an in-depth discussion about your work and career. Capitalizing on this opportunity requires advance planning, so use the following steps to prepare for a useful talk with your manager.

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