Top Twelve Unprofessional Behaviors

Based on complaints sent to Your Office Coach
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Recently, a manager sent us this email: “Some of our employees are clueless about how to dress or act in a professional office, but they become hurt or angry when told about the problem. Would you please write something about unprofessional office behavior?”

Based on the mail we receive, many managers and coworkers are concerned about this issue. So here are the Top Twelve complaints that people send us. Are you or your employees guilty of these “professional sins”?

1. Sexy or sloppy attire

Shirts that show cleavage, low-riding pants, tops that look like underwear, torn jeans, flip-flops, t-shirts with slogans, micro-short skirts

2. Poor hygiene

Body odor, bad breath, greasy hair, dirty clothes

3. Profanity

F-word, S-word, B-word, A-word, and many other colorful expletives

4. Fragrances

Perfume, cologne, aftershave, and any other source of scent

5. Food odors

Heated leftovers, tuna sandwiches, microwave popcorn (yes, lots of people hate that smell)

6. Irritating noises

Gum popping, knuckle cracking, food crunching, stomach rumbling, nose blowing, whistling, radio playing

7. Loud talking

Speaker phones, hallway socializing, yelling from cube to cube, cell phone chatter

8. Crude jokes

Humor related to sex, bodily functions, racial/ethnic characteristics, gender issues

9. Improper chitchat

Making public comments about customers, complaining to customers, gossiping about coworkers, spreading rumors

10. Sermonizing

Forcing religious information on coworkers, asking coworkers about their beliefs, leaving religious literature in public areas

11. Personal slurs

Using derogatory terms related to someone’s ethnic origin, race, gender, age, or any other personal characteristic

12. Cluttered workspace

Messy piles of paper, files stacked on the floor, dozens of knick-knacks, tools scattered around