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My Manager Doesn’t Like My Perfume So She Moved My Desk – Just Say No To Scents In the Workplace

My manager often complains about the perfume I wear to work.  I tried changing to another brand, but she still didn’t like it.  She says perfume gives her a headache, so she’s moving me to a desk which is farther from her office.  This seems unfair, but I’m not sure what to do about it.  What’s your opinion?

Marie’s Answer

You will probably be sorry you asked.  My firm belief is  that no one should ever wear fragrances to work unless they sell perfume for a living.  And I mean absolutely never.  These scents serve no practical purpose and are extremely bothersome to many people, some of whom are allergic to the ingredients.

Because everyone’s sense of smell is different, a fragrance which one person finds pleasing may be quite obnoxious to others.  If this particular perfume gives your manager headaches, the odds are good that some coworkers find it irritating as well.

So for the sake of both common courtesy and office harmony, please save the perfume for social occasions.  At work, people just need to smell clean.