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Quick Quiz: How Secure is Your Job?

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Although no magic formula exists for predicting job security, this Quick Quiz can help you consider various factors that may determine whether you wind up on a layoff list. Although some things are out of your control, many are not. For job security advice, check out How to Avoid Losing Your Job.

Agree 4 3 2 1 Disagree
Your Work
4321 1. Top management views my type of work as critical for business success.
4321 2. The work I do supports top priorities of the managers above me.
4321 3. I have agreed with my manager on my most important goals for this year.
4321 4. I am extremely busy all the time.
4321 5. My manager views me as a top performer in my department.
Your Skills
4321 6. I have the skills needed to produce outstanding results in my current job.
4321 7. I have the skills needed to adapt to future changes in my organization.
4321 8. I am viewed as one of the most capable people in my department.
4321 9. I try hard to keep my work-related knowledge and skills up-to-date.
4321 10. I have skills that would enable me to do other jobs in my organization.
Relationship with Management
4321 11. I get along well with my manager.
4321 12. My manager's boss is aware of my contributions.
4321 13. I have a good relationship with my manager's boss.
4321 14. I have a good relationship with my human resources department.
4321 15. I have received high ratings on my most recent performance reviews.
4321 16. I am known as someone who gets along well with others.
4321 17. People often come to me for advice or assistance.
4321 18. People in other departments view me as helpful.
4321 19. I know a lot of people in my organization.
4321 20. I am known as someone with a lot of expertise.
Your Organization
4321 21. My company or agency is financially sound.
4321 22. We have not had any layoffs in the last year or so.
4321 23. There has been no "bad news" about our organization in the press recently.
4321 24. The demand for our product or service has remained strong.
4321 25. Top management in our organization has not changed recently.

Total Points:         

There is no surefire way to predict job security, but the more points you have, the safer your job is likely to be.

No Job Security 25 50 75 100 High Job Security

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