Lessons in Leadership

Leadership is like athletic achievement.Natural ability helps, but coaching is needed for peak performance. Whether you are a new supervisor or experienced manager, our free coaching tips can strengthen your leadership skills.

Office Politics

Office politics are a fact of life in every workplace. To accomplish your career goals, you must approach tricky situations with political intelligence. Our free coaching tips will help you sharpen your political skills and avoid pitfalls.

Managing your Boss

If you could pick your boss, you might make a different choice. But you don't get much say in the matter. A bad boss relationship can wreck your career and make your life miserable.Use our free coaching tips to sharpen your "boss management" skills.

Career Success

The most effective people are lifelong learners. They grow their careers by leveraging their strengths, compensating for their weaknesses, taking on new challenges, and "playing well with others".For do-it-yourself career coaching, check out our free success tips.

Coworker Relationships

Career success depends on both results and relationships. Our free coaching tips can help you communicate with colleagues, resolve work conflicts, and build stronger teams.

Job Search Skills

Looking for a job is a job in itself.A successful job search requires skills that you seldom use in other situations. Our free coaching tips can help you master the steps in the job search process.

Based on our own reading or recommendations from clients, we suggest helpful books in the following categories. The links on these pages will take you to Amazon.com, where you will find detailed information about each book. Book purchases can be made directly from Amazon.

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Career Corner
Tim Cook: On CEO's and
performance management

Tim Cook, Apple CEO:  "[As CEO], you need to be able to operate on shorter cycles. . . When you're an engineer, you want to analyze things a lot. But if you believe that the most important data points are people, then you have to make conclusions in relatively short order.  Because you want to push the people who are doing great.  And you want to either develop the people who are not, or in a worst case, they need to be somewhere else."  


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How to Respond to a Bad Review
Coaching Q&A

How Do I Handle an Evil Boss?
Q:  My manager is the boss from hell. "Cheryl" chews out employees on a regular basis, blames the staff for her mistakes, and takes credit for others' accomplishments. She disagrees with everything I say and rejects any idea that I propose. I believe the only reason I'm still employed is that my results make her look good.

All the executives above Cheryl have . . . .

For more in-depth information on Office Coach topics, check out our suggested reading lists in the categories below.  In each section, you will find books related to that category, plus a direct link to their page on Amazon.

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