20 Signs That Your Boss is On the Way Out

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Having a boss who’s in political hot water can be an uncomfortable situation. But how do you know if your boss is in trouble?  Here are a few clues to look for . . .

  1. Your boss seems to be spending a lot of time sitting alone in his/her office.
  2. People no longer copy your boss on important emails.
  3. Human Resources has started asking questions about your boss’ management style.
  4. Your boss’s manager is interviewing job applicants, even though there are no vacancies.
  5. Your hear through the grapevine that top managers are not happy with your boss.
  6. Your boss asks what rumors you’ve been hearing about him/her.
  7. Decisions that your boss makes are overturned or questioned by upper management.
  8. Your boss seems to have a lot more time to come by your office and chat.
  9. You get important information before your boss does.
  10. Your boss no longer goes to lunch with other managers.
  11. Most of your boss’s conversation is about past accomplishments, not future projects.
  12. An executive coach is hired to help your boss.
  13. Your boss is not included in critical decisions and important meetings.
  14. Your boss’s boss comes directly to you for information.
  15. Important projects or assignments are given to another department.
  16. Other managers seem to be avoiding your boss.
  17. A reorganization has left your boss with less power, fewer responsibilities, or a lower title.
  18. Your boss’s secretary or assistant seems depressed and anxious.
  19. You find an ad for a job that sounds suspiciously like your boss’s position.
  20. Your boss complains a lot about his/her boss.

If you spot some of these signs, your best bet for political survival is to lay low and wait it out. Be pleasant to all concerned, don’t take sides, and keep your eyes open. Once someone in management begins a downhill slide, the ultimate resolution is usually not too long in coming.