Do You Annoy Your Coworkers?

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Do some of your coworkers just drive you crazy? Probably so. But consider this possibility: Could you be an annoying coworker yourself? The fifteen behaviors listed below are often the source of coworker complaints. Take an honest look at yourself and consider whether you might be guilty of any troublesome behaviors. Can you see yourself here?

Yes No Maybe Annoying Behavior
1. Talking too muchWhen you’re around others, is your mouth constantly in motion? Do coworkers have trouble getting a word in edgewise?
2. Foul language. Do you pepper your conversation with curses? Are you fond of dropping the f-word, a-word, s-word, or any other offensive expletives?
3. Smoking. Do you miss work by taking frequent cigarette breaks? Do you smell like a chimney? (Unfortunately, smokers are often unaware of this.)
  4. Tattling. Do you take complaints about your colleagues directly to management? Have you appointed yourself the office rule monitor?
5. Being lateDo you show up late for meetings? Fail to meet project schedules? Turn in work after the deadline?
6. Romantic relationships. Are you romantically entangled with someone at work? Do your shamelessly flirt with coworkers or managers?
7. Odor issues. Do you have bad breath? Offensive body odors? Do you wear too much perfume? (Again, you may not know.)
8. Expecting special treatment. Do you frequently ask for help from others? Or expect people to accommodate your personal needs by changing schedules, policies, deadlines, or anything else?
9. Religious or political zealotry. Do you try to convert others to your religious or political beliefs? Leave religious or political literature around the office? Send religious or political emails to colleagues?
10. Slacking offDo you do less work than others? Avoid pitching in to help coworkers? Find excuses for not being as productive as you should?
11. Negative attitudes. Do you complain a lot? Find problems with every idea, project, policy, plan, or whatever? Always see the negative instead of the positive?
12. Moodiness. Are you a drama queen? A Jekyll/Hyde personality? A whiner or a pouter? Does your mood shift radically from day to day?
13. Sucking up. Do you agree with everything that the bosses say? Try to flatter managers at every opportunity?
14. Too much information. Do coworkers know every detail of your personal life? Do you expect them to listen to all your troubles and act as your therapists?
15. Self promotion. Do you shamelessly brag on your own successes? Talk about being better than others? Take credit for others’ ideas or accomplishments?