Are You an Office Wallflower?

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Have you ever found yourself saying any of the following: “No one ever knows how much I contribute around here!” “People only get promoted because of who they know, not what they do.” “I never get considered for any of the big assignments.” If so, you may be an Office Wallflower.

Office Wallflowers can usually be found eating lunch at their desks, working alone at their computers, sitting quietly in meetings, and avoiding all social contact. As a result, they are often overlooked. To assess your wallflower tendencies, try answering the questions below.

Often Sometimes Seldom How often do you …
1. Speak up in meetings and participate in discussions?
2. Share new ideas and suggestions for improvements?
3. Disagree if someone proposes a bad idea or gives incorrect information?
4. Make an effort to persuade others that your point of view is correct?
5. Stand up for yourself if someone confronts you?
6. Discuss issues and problems with your boss?
7. Make people aware of your successes and accomplishments?
8. Make presentations in meetings?
9. Collaborate with others on projects?
10. Make an effort to learn about other departments or work groups?
11. Have lunch with your work colleagues ?
12. Ask about your coworkers’ families, interests, and non-work activities?
13. Tell them about your family, interests, and non-work activities?
14. Participate in group or company social activities?
15. Attend conferences and workshops?


The more times you checked “Seldom”, the more likely you are to be an Office Wallflower. That’s fine, as long as you’re happy with the result. But if you want to be promoted, recognized, or assigned to the next big project, you probably need to make people aware of your talents, knowledge, and ability to work with others. No one will know what you’re capable of doing unless you help them find out.