Is it Time to Leave Your Job?

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On almost any list of dreaded activities, “job search” is near the top. So what’s worse than looking for a new job? Staying in a bad one. Here are some signs that it may be time for you to go:

Your Work

You are bored most of the time at work. Time passes really slowly.
You feel as though you’ve been doing the same thing over and over and over for years.
You could do this job in your sleep. All the challenge is gone.
You don’t have the skills or knowledge required for this job. You feel completely in over your head.
You are so overwhelmed and overloaded that there is no longer any enjoyment in your work.
You don’t feel that your work is accomplishing anything of importance.

Your Boss

Your manager constantly criticizes your work.
Your manager screams, yells, curses, and throws tantrums.
Your manager has sexually harassed you or made inappropriate overtures.
Your manager refuses to provide necessary materials, equipment, funds, or other resources.
Your boss has made it clear that the work you do is not very important.
You feel that you will never be able to please your boss no matter what you do.

Your Organization

Your department’s budget has been cut repeatedly.
Your company is in financial trouble.
Your organization has experienced repeated layoffs.
Your company’s product or service is becoming outdated or obsolete.
You don’t share the values of top management.
You strongly suspect that management is guilty of legal or ethical lapses.

Your Coworkers

Your coworkers are constantly squabbling and bickering.
You feel excluded by the “office clique”.
Your coworkers refuse to help you with problems.
You have one or more coworkers who seem to be out to get you.
Your coworker group seems totally out of sync with your values.
You often feel uncomfortable with the type of teasing or joking that goes on.

The Rest of Your Life

You feel that life is passing you by because you are spending all your time at work.
Your children are always asleep when you are at home.
You and your spouse or partner never have time to simply have fun together.
You spend as much time in airports as you do with your family or friends.
You have never met your children’s friends, teachers, or coaches.
You feel that the stress from work is starting to affect your health.

If you are constantly stressed, anxious, bored, fearful, or overwhelmed at work, you should seriously weigh your options. After all, you spend almost half your waking life in work-related activities, and that’s way too much time to be unhappy.