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Interested in Personal CoachingDiscuss your career concerns in a  30- or 60-minute confidential phone coaching session with Dr. Marie McIntyre. For more information, see our Career Services page.
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Marie G. McIntyre, Ph.D.
Marie McIntyre has more than twenty years’ experience in career coaching and organizational development. She has held management positions in both business and government, including Director of Human Resources in a Fortune 500 company.  Marie writes the weekly syndicated advice column, "Your Office Coach", which appears in newspapers throughout the U.S. & Canada.

As a consultant, Marie has assisted a wide variety of organizations, including Cisco, The Home Depot, Tyson Foods, the Federal Reserve, AT&T, Walgreens, Macy's, and Habitat for Humanity. She is the author of two books, “Secrets to Winning at Office Politics” &“The Management Team Handbook”.  Marie is frequently quoted in business publications, including Fortune, Forbes, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Career Coaching & Mentoring

Is your boss driving you crazy?
Have you received a bad performance review?
Do your coworkers frustrate you? Are you worried about your career?

In a phone coaching session, Dr. Marie McIntyre will be glad to discuss any workplace concern and help you determine the best course of action.  If you would like to send a complete description of your situation, Marie will review it at no charge before your appointment.

Comments from clients about their coaching experience . . .

"Thank you for giving me a strategy to use in responding to my negative performance review. Now I can honestly say that one good thing came out of that review: I found you!"

"After our conversation, I talked with my boss, and I think our relationship is going to improve. Thanks for helping me get control of my emotions and deal with this situation rationally."

"Because of your helpful advice, this is the first time in awhile that I have felt a certain sense of peace about my job. For that I am truly grateful."

"Thank you for helping me recognize that I was in a toxic workplace. I am now looking for a new job and will feel no guilt about severing my connection with my current employer."

How phone coaching works . . .

Phone coaching sessions typically last 30 or 60 minutes, depending on how much time you would like.  Payment is made by credit card through PayPal, and the cost is $49.00 per half hour.  If you do not find the session helpful, we will gladly process a refund.

Interested in a coaching appointment?  Contact Marie McIntyre at .

Work Style & Career Assessments

Have trouble understanding your boss?
Puzzled by ythe way your coworkers operate?
Can't decide what type of career would be best for you?

The more you know about yourself, the better decisions you can make about your job and your career. Office Coach career and work style assessments can help you identify your strengths & development needs, build a better relationship with your boss, communicate with challenging colleagues, and choose a job that fits your personality and temperament.

Phone coaching clients can receive assessments at no charge after their first session.  However, an additional appointment will be required to discuss the results of the assessment.

The following assessments are available through Your Office Coach . . .

  •   Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

      FIRO-B Interaction Styles Survey

     Listening Style Survey

     DISC Work Styles

      Strong Career Interest Inventory

      CPI Leadership Assessment

    Interested in assessment services?  Contact Marie McIntyre at for a description of these assessments or more information about the process .

    Small Business Leadership

    You've built a successful business, and you should be proud of your accomplishments!
    But every small business owner eventually runs into normal leadership challenges.

    Maybe your employees aren’t getting along, or you have a problem performer. Perhaps communication has become more difficult or it’s tough to keep everything straight. Unfortunately, unlike corporate managers, small business owners often have nowhere to turn for help in dealing with such issues.

    Through her phone coaching services, Dr. Marie McIntyre helps small business owners resolve both the challenges that come with growth and the unusual issues that arise with staff.  Marie is not only a small business owner herself, but she has also held corporate management positions and conducted leadership development workshops for managers at all levels.

    Comments from clients about their small business consultation . . .

    Florida Law Firm: "Your guidance has helped us approach our staff issues in an organized, well-thought-out way. We now have a better understanding of the employee-employer relationship.”

    Ohio Veterinary Practice: "Thank you so much for all of your valued counsel this past year. We are looking forward to a much healthier organization in the year to come.”

    Illinois Manufacturing Company: "Thank you for all your help. I have learned a lot more about myself as a manager and can now focus on projects instead of personnel situations.”

    How phone consultation works . . .

    Phone consultations typically last 30 or 60 minutes, depending on how much time you need. Payment is made by credit card through PayPal, and the cost is $49.00 per half hour. If you do not find the session helpful, we will gladly give you a refund.

    Interested in a phone consultation?  Contact Marie McIntyre at .

    Job Search Strategies

    The process of finding a job is a job in itself.
    Unfortunately, most applicants have not had a chance to develop these skills.

    As a manager and former HR director, Marie McIntyre knows what will impress potential employers and what will turn them off. By looking at your job search approach from the employer's point of view, she can help you become a more appealing candidate.

      Job Search Steps:  Finding the right job requires certain basic skills which many applicants have never acquired.  A successful job-seeking effort involves five specific steps:

    1. Establishing career goals which match abilities & interests
    2. Developing an effective, attention-grabbing resume
    3. Using personal & online networking strategies
    4. Creating a positive impression during interviews
    5. Making a wise decision when you receive an offer

      Career Choice:  If you are unsure of your career direction or have trouble finding work that fits you, our Career Choice Process may help. Using standard career interest and work style assessments, plus “homework” exercises and individual coaching, you can identify the type of job you prefer and the kind of place you like to work.

      Resume Review:  With our proven three-factor formula, we can sharpen your resume and make it more appealing to interviewers. If you are applying for plenty of openings, but not getting any interviews, then your resume may not be doing a good job of “selling” you to potential employers.

      Networking & Interviewing:  Through phone coaching sessions, we can help you develop effective networking strategies and sharpen your interview skills. Specific interview practice can help you present yourself in the best light and answer those difficult questions.

    To arrange a job search consultation . . .

    If you are interested in resume review or job search coaching, contact Marie McIntyre at .

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